Trina the throat

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Gosar 1 year ago
Nice vid however
Kazikree 1 year ago
Hm idk nothing been said about that, would be interesting however
Mezinris 1 year ago
Yes in all seriousness, I think her reaction was pretty justified given all that she endured. Particularly for someone who isn’t used to experiencing failure and facing hardships to that magnitude. There were several blows to her ego and I think she really felt isolated particularly when Missandei died. I think it could have been curbed if she felt she had support and love. But Jon’s denial was a bit of a conflation to the cold shoulder she has received from Westeros period.
Murr 1 year ago
Jasper, you are such a fine dicksucker. Sticking your tongue out eating the jizz off the corner of your mouth was fucking hot.
Kazralkis 1 year ago
When that niggas said sharing is caring I died lol

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