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Judal 7 months ago
Yes, its called a loss leader you advertise a low price on milk, and make all back on everything else you sell. The first year is cheap, and you commit to the school but when you find out what year 2 is going to cost, you have to cough up or drop out. This all tracks back to academics pushing every high school student towards college, whether they have the talent and inclination to complete college or not. These same students then gravitate toward the least challenging, and hence least valuable, degree programs only to find that in the real world nobody places a value on that degree that is anywhere close to what it costs. The ones that actually graduate are the lucky ones they at least have a degree. Lots of students run up student debt, but end up dropping out before the graduate.
Dakinos 7 months ago
Thanks for the simpleton answer and really great argument showing your view.
Mikadal 7 months ago
Thanks for accepting the friend request sexy!
Voodoocage 7 months ago
and she uses her real name. LOL her sis has an IG account called CamVersity, but they all used to work at Cafe Lu in Santa Ana.
Zulkishicage 7 months ago
Me gustaría hacer un vídeo contigo

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