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Grojin 2 years ago
MAD PROPS to Chippy3434 for posting this and who ever put this together
Tojagar 2 years ago
Hey, I would love to see u in person R u living in Bucharest? Im near by in Sofia haha
Zukree 2 years ago
Nah, that was all the way out of order. Explain to your brother the next time he calls that you did it for your other half sister because your stepfather, who is normally expected to pay for the wedding traditionally, had a heart attack. It your stepbrother's fiance's parent's traditional responsibility to pay, and whether they can or not is not your concern.
Zulubar 2 years ago
Soy de GDL agrega
Tygokus 2 years ago
sou seu fa faz tempo.queria virar cliente kkk

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